EBM all day!

Been listening to nothing but close minded EBM for like 2 weeks straight now!

Agonoize, Grendel, Haujobb, Hocico, Angels on Acid, Natchmahr, Das Ich, X-Fusion,
Negative Format, Suicide Commando, Headscan, Alien Vampires, Intoxin, Life Cried, Infact.

Rabia Sorda is my new fav.!

All day and all night, nothing but EBM: hooked up to my fucking brain!

Aaaaal day!

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Five 8x10" Dark Art prints! Only $20.00!

Click on image to be directed.

Good fucking deals here!
Plus many other great mother fucking prints!
Singed by the one and only! ME! Asshole!


Don't like em'?
Go suck a nut!
And don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!

-Chuck Hodi-

My latest tattoo

Taken a couple of days ago.
Red as fuck and swollen of course.

6 1/2 hours.
Just another day at the office.

Me sleeve is almost completed.
Just got a little spot in the armpit area then some minor touch ups and I'm done!


DOES ANYONE know if "Basil Gogos" painted any "Nosferatu" portraits?
If anyone knows or has any pics, please send them my way.
I'm contemplating on a Nosferatu tattoo in the near future and need the find the perfect pic.
Any help would be great!